Close up of woman applying moisturizing nourishing balm to her lips with her finger to prevent dryness and chapping in the cold season

Embellishing the lips

The aim of hyaluronic acid injection is to redefine and plump the lips. Your lips are an important beauty asset.


Hyaluronic acid can also be injected into the bitterness folds and vertical fine lines above the lips to smooth these areas and perfect the result.

The effect of hyaluronic acid is immediate, so it is possible to inject the product little by little and obtain exactly the desired result. It is advisable not to inject too much into the lips for aesthetic reasons, as it is preferable to aim for a natural result.

Before injecting hyaluronic acid to increase lip volume, Dr Olivier CLAUDE performs the injections in his practice. Make-up removal is performed at the beginning of the session. A more effective anesthetic cream than EMLA (sold in pharmacies) will be applied to the areas to be injected, for your comfort.

You do not need to be fasting, but you will be given a few instructions to ensure that the session runs smoothly:

  • To avoid bleeding, we recommend that you avoid anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin 8 days before and 5 days after the injections.
  • To avoid sensitising the skin, it is preferable to avoid alcohol consumption and sun exposure prior to the session.


Hyaluronic acid for lip volume enhancement

Injections are performed after disinfecting the lips. To limit pain and ensure precise introduction of the product, Docteur CLAUDE usually uses micro cannulas.

If the desired effect is to reshape the lips, the injection will be made along the line separating the red lip from the white lip.

If the desired effect is to recreate volume, injections will be made into the red lip, intramuscularly and submucosally endo-buccally, guaranteeing a plumping effect.

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After the lip volume injection

There is no need for social isolation, but a reactional oedema may appear. In this case, applying ice to the area will speed up its resorption.

The definitive result of hyaluronic acid injections in the lips can be appreciated once this oedema has disappeared; allow an average of 2 to 4 days. Dr Olivier CLAUDE always aims to see all new patients again after 15 days, to check the results. The sessions take place in the medical practice of Dr Olivier CLAUDE, Plastic Surgeon, at 124 Rue de la Faisanderie – Paris 16th