réduction mammaire

Breast reduction

Breast hypertrophy is defined as a volume of the breasts that is too large in relation to the patient’s morphology. This excess volume is generally associated with sagging breasts (breast ptosis).

Mammary hypertrophy almost always has functional repercussions (back pain, discomfort when practising sports, clothing difficulties).

There is also often a psychological impact. These problems are covered by the French Health Insurance. The aim of breast plastic surgery is to reduce the volume of the breasts in order to obtain two harmonious breasts.


Breast hypertrophy. How long does the hospital stay last?

In addition to the usual pre-operative examinations, breast imaging will be systematically checked. Breast plastic surgery requires a standard general anaesthetic. A two-day stay in hospital is usually necessary. The tissue removed is systematically sent to a specialist laboratory for examination (histological examination).

Breast plastic surgery involves removing excess glandular tissue. The result is a volume that is in harmony with the patient’s figure and in accordance with her wishes. This residual glandular volume is lifted, concentrated and reshaped.

The scars often have the shape of an inverted T with three components: peri-areolar around the areola between the darker and the clearer skin, vertical between the lower pole of the areola and the submammary fold, and horizontal hidden in the submammary fold.

Occasionally, particularly when the hypertrophy and ptosis are moderate, a “vertical” mammoplasty method may be performed, which eliminates the transverse scar in the submammary fold.

Breast surgery for hypertrophy can be performed from the end of growth onwards. Pregnancy and breast-feeding are of course possible, but it is advisable to wait at least six months after the operation.


What is the post-operative care?

The post-operative period is not very painful, requiring only simple painkillers. The first dressing is removed on the day of discharge from the clinic and replaced by a bra providing good support. It should be worn for about a month. A period of convalescence and 8 to 15 days off work should be scheduled.


What results can be expected?

The true results can only be judged one year after the operation, by which time the breasts will usually have a harmonious, symmetrical and natural shape. In addition to the local improvement, cosmetic breast surgery generally has a very favourable impact on weight balance, sports activities, clothing options and psychological state.

What complications can occur after breast plastic surgery?

By choosing a surgeon qualified as a Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery by the French Medical Council and graduate of a DESC (Diploma of Advanced Specialised Studies) in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, you limit these risks as much as possible.
Real complications are exceptional following a breast reduction performed by a competent specialist.

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