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Over the last ten years or so, there has been a growing demand from both men and women to improve the aesthetics of the buttocks area, for which we did not have simple and effective solutions.


Treatments available

The treatment of buttocks that are drooping or too flat is difficult to correct using silicone implants, which cause painful after-effects and have a higher complication rate than breast augmentation.

Autologous fat grafting (lipofilling) remains the technique of choice, but it is not always feasible. They require large areas of fat to be harvested – which the patients concerned rarely have in the first place, logically.

The Swedish laboratory Q-med developed the first hyaluronic acid gel for the body: Macrolane. Dr Olivier Claude was an international expert on the subject and carried out several scientific studies on the uses of Macrolane. The results were excellent, but the laboratory ceased production because its use on the face was not recommended by certain colleagues. Today, we have a new-generation gel, Hyacorp. It is produced by the German laboratory Bioscience.

It reshapes the buttocks and gives it more volume, thanks to two gel cohesivities: Hyacorp MLF1 and Hyacorp MLF2. Hyacorp MLF2 gel is denser and will ensure a nice projection (the curve of the upper buttocks) as well as a lift of the overall buttocks. Hyacorp MLF2 can also be used to treat a hollow in the lateral part of the buttock which gives the appearance of a masculine buttock.

It adds softness to the curves, making them more feminine and glamorous once again. Finally, Hyacorp MLF2 is sometimes injected to fill the depression in the lower-internal part of the buttock opposite the ischium (the bone on which we sit). Dr Olivier CLAUDE often uses Hyacorp MLF1 gel in combination, which is more flexible, at the end of the operation. This softens the contours to ensure maximum naturalness both visually and to the touch.

Like Macrolane, Hyacorp gel is a non-animal hyaluronic acid gel produced by genetic engineering, which avoids the risks of infectious contamination and allergy. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid is one of the natural components of our body’s support tissues, helping to give the skin its tone and elasticity. Its natural, slow breakdown by enzymes present in the body means that results can last up to 18 or even 24 months, avoiding long-term complications.


The Hyacorp injection session

It is carried out under local anaesthetic without hospitalisation, as for Macrolane, but uses the rigours of asepsis in the operating theatre. It takes just around thirty minutes. Two small 2mm incisions allow the Hyacorp gel to be precisely deposited under the skin in the areas to be reshaped.

In this way, we can correct each of the buttock’s compartments, adapting to each patient’s wishes and needs.
Silicone buttock prostheses can only be used for localised corrections and mainly affect the upper two-thirds of the buttock. The lower and lateral areas are often left unchanged by prostheses, but become accessible with Hyacorp gel.

In general, 100 to 150 ml of Hyacorp gel are used per side. There is very little post-operative discomfort and no need for hospitalisation or special post-operative care, allowing the patient to resume activities after 24 to 48 hours.

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The resorbable nature of Hyacorp gel means that there are no long-term complications, but the injection must be repeated after around 18 months. In most cases, a second injection gives a longer-lasting result.

The simplicity of the procedure and the quality of the results mean that patients are highly satisfied.

The sessions take place in the medical practice of Dr Olivier CLAUDE, Plastic Surgeon, at 124 Rue de la Faisanderie – Paris 16th