Medical rhinoplasty

Correcting nose flaws with hyaluronic acid injections: a novelty in aesthetic medicine.


Medical rhinoplasty: what does it involve?

Medical rhinoplasty involves correcting minor blemishes of the nose by injecting hyaluronic acid. It is indicated for patients who are reluctant to undergo surgery to improve the appearance of their nose. The result is precise and natural. The treatment is painless and offers immediate results.
A more graceful nose can improve the lives of many patients. The problem often goes back to childhood or adolescence.

Who is concerned by a hyaluronic acid correction for the nose?

It is possible to avoid surgery if you wish to correct a nose that has the following anatomical characteristics:

  •  A hollow at the tip of the nose.
  •  A depression in the wings of the nose.
  •  A lack of projection at the tip of the nose.
  •  A saddle nose (hollow nose).
  •  A depression giving the nose a deviated appearance.
  •  A drooping nose tip when smiling.

Because of the central position of the nose on the face, these minor blemishes can alter the harmony of the face. These blemishes may be innate (constitutional) or the result of trauma.
For example, the following characteristics do not necessarily require surgery and can be corrected by these hyaluronic acid injections: a slightly sunken nose, wings that are too deep or an excessive hump, a nasal tip that sags when the patient talks or smiles, a nasal bridge that is too thin, asymmetry…
An injection of hyaluronic acid may also be indicated for patients who wish to make a slight alteration to the shape of their nose following a surgical rhinoplasty.
Medical rhinoplasty using hyaluronic acid injections does not treat excess tissue in the nose. Surgical rhinoplasty is therefore recommended for this indication, which requires general anaesthesia.


How does a medical rhinoplasty session work?

Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components naturally present in the dermis, giving the skin a hydrophilic property. In plain English, this substance enables water to be retained, thereby preserving the volume, tone, elasticity and firmness of skin tissue. It is perfectly tolerated and then broken down naturally by the body…Dr CLAUDE uses only pure hyaluronic acid gels from leading laboratories in the aesthetic field, complying with EEC standards in Europe and FDA-approved in the USA.

Its biocompatible and non-allergenic characteristics, as well as its complete resorbability (100% biodegradable), ensure maximum safety. Hyaluronic acid does not require any tests prior to treatment.

How is this medical procedure carried out?

The treatment is virtually painless thanks to the presence of an anaesthetic combined with hyaluronic acid and the use of micro cannulas with non-prickly tips instead of needles. It offers immediate and natural results, and its degradation time is long enough to be both effective and transitory, allowing monitoring of facial ageing and the evolution of the nose over time. Each indication requires a specific hyaluronic acid with precise density and elasticity characteristics, to adapt to each type of blemish: superficial, expression, deep and sagging. There are very few contraindications to hyaluronic acid injections. Except for people with a severe allergic background or suffering from acute inflammatory or auto-immune diseases.

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What results can I expect from medical rhinoplasty?

The injection’s result can be appreciated immediately after the procedure. The injections are very painless. Only redness and a little swelling in the injected areas may be appear for up to a few hours, rarely a small bruise that can easily be concealed with make up. Normal daily activities can be resumed immediately.

It should also be remembered that hyaluronic acid is an absorbable product. Its effect therefore tends to fade over time. The longevity of the result varies according to the mobility and cutaneous depth of the area injected and the type of product used.

Generally speaking, the results of a hyaluronic acid injection last between 12 and 24 months, depending on the product used.

The sessions take place in the medical practice of Dr Olivier CLAUDE, Plastic Surgeon, at 124 Rue de la Faisanderie – Paris 16th

Consulting a plastic surgeon trained in surgical rhinoplasty and with extensive experience in this technique will optimise your results. Dr Olivier CLAUDE will be happy to reassure you and give you more details about this medical procedure. A harmonised nose has a positive impact on the whole face. Dr Olivier Claude receives many expressions of thanks from his patients.