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Growth factors

How does a GF session work?

Growth factors are a group of specific proteins capable of stimulating cell growth, multiplication and differentiation. They also act as chemical messengers between different cell types; they are naturally present in our bodies, but their numbers dwindle with age. Growth factors play an important role in stimulating blood circulation, collagen production and the creation of elastin fibres.

To reactivate the functional and proliferative physiological mechanism of epidermal and dermal cells, the growth factor serum is mixed with a mesotherapy serum, applied to the skin and combined with Dermapen microneedling. This stimulation increases skin densification and improves its quality. This minimally invasive treatment prevents and slows down the signs of skin ageing, particularly the appearance of fine lines and spots.

What are the benefits of GF care?

The blend of growth factors and mesotherapy treats the skin with its specific active ingredients and antioxidant effects. It also promotes healing after surgery or aggressive post-procedures. It reduces skin inflammation and irritation. These proteins stimulate the production of natural collagen, helping to improve skin quality, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and diminish pigmentation spots. Skin also appears healthier, fresher and more radiant.