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We tested it for you… BBL, the pulsed light treatment

Looking for a treatment that can target the signs of aging and boost your skin’s radiance? Our Communications Director, Fanny, tested the BBL treatment for you at Doctor Olivier Claude’s practice. We tell you all about this new pulsed-light treatment capable of treating a variety of skin problems, including the signs of photoaging.

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The benefits of BBL for the skin

BBL treatment is indicated to target:

  •  Pigmentation spots (brown spots, freckles or age spots)

  •  Acne and scars

  •  Diffuse redness (rosacea, angiomas and telangiectasias)

  •  Dilated pores

  •  Deep lesions

  •  Fine lines and skin aging

  •  Collagen and elastin synthesis


“I’ve always had small vessels on the sides of my nose and cheeks, with a patch of rosacea on my right cheek. In 3 sessions (4 weeks apart), my redness almost disappeared. What’s most impressive is my complexion’s uniformity. This treatment erases all the little imperfections (spots, scars, vessels…); I’ve gained in radiance, my skin is radiant and less tired!”