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Eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift: a natural look for men

For men, refreshed eyes are the number one reason for consultation. We want to look “rested and dynamic” while remaining natural.

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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

The upper eyelids become progressively heavier, particularly on the sides. In most cases, there is a genuine excess of skin, but this is exacerbated by the drooping of the eyebrows secondary to the loss of fat on the temples. Injections of hyaluronic acid will help to recreate this support. In men, the injections should always be very gentle in order to slightly raise the tail of the eyebrow. In this way, the eyebrow line will remain straight in relation to the bony rim in order to maintain a masculine look.

If the eyelids are “heavier”, a blepharoplasty will be necessary. This surgery requires only a local anaesthetic and a few hours’ hospitalisation is sufficient. The scar will be located slightly lower than for women, in the eyelid’s natural crease. The surgery will always be conservative. Ideally, a male eyelid should remain slightly full. The patient is usually off work for 8 to 10 days due to post-operative bruising and minor oedema.

In the event of significant drooping of the lateral part of the eyebrow, a temporal lift may be considered. A small incision (imperceptible scar) will be made in the hairy part of the temple. This procedure allows the tail of the eyebrow and the upper part of the cheekbone to be raised obliquely (upwards and towards the temporal area). A mild intravenous sedation may be offered to optimise comfort.

Men who look “tired”

Some men also look “tired” because of fatty bags on the lower eyelids. These pockets become increasingly visible as the face deepens and dark circles appear. The “hills” (pockets of fat) are unmasked by the appearance of the underlying “valleys” (resorption of fat and periorbital bone).

If the pockets are moderate, restoration of the support by injections of hyaluronic acid is often sufficient. The gel deposit will always be deep, as this is where the physiological loss of volume occurs. This approach will support the tissues without weighing them down. In addition, injections that are too superficial can cause the gel to be visible under thin skin.

If the bags are larger, surgery is recommended. Lower blepharoplasty is most often performed using a transconjunctival incision (i.e., an internal incision that is not visible). This approach preserves the muscle tone of the eyelids and avoids a skin scar. The bags will be removed conservatively, so as not to hollow the eyes. Lipofilling is most often performed to treat dark circles and the valley of tears. This fat transfer also provides stem cells and growth factors that improve the appearance of the skin. In the case of significant skin excess, an incision under the eyelashes of the lower eyelid can be made to give the skin a smoother appearance.

The concept of restoring support first means that surgery can be carried out more gently and with simpler after-effects. The personalised analysis will always be regional and not just local, in order to obtain a natural and refreshed masculine look.