Olivier CLAUDE M.D. is a Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon qualified by the French General Medical Council. He is specialized in silhouette and face surgery notably in mammary surgery and facial rejuvenation for which he has attended a complementary training in the United States as Assistant to Professor Yaremchuk in Harvard, Boston, Mass. (2004-2005).

Thanks to his French-American experience in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, he can offer his patients the most rigorous and efficient techniques with which he combines the most recent innovations validated by the scientific community.

Olivier CLAUDE M.D. performs his operations in three most renowned Parisian clinics, which guarantee high standard security conditions.

Before taking any decision to be operated on, clear and detailed information must be obtained. Olivier CLAUDE M.D. is at your disposal to give you personalized information during a consultation during which he will be able to listen to your expectations and offer you the most adapted solution.

Olivier CLAUDE M.D.


Aesthetic surgery rejuvenates the face giving it an embellished harmony. It is essential to obtain a naturally balanced result to this type of surgeries.


Aesthetic surgery can improve the whole body harmony. Liposuction and breast enlargement are the most frequently performed surgeries


Aesthetic medicine can embellish the face or rejuvenate it without surgery. It gives a new freshness and harmony to the face without scars or any need to stop the patient’s every day activity.

Breast Surgery

The intervention increase inadequate breast volume compared to the silhouette. It can be considered after puberty or secondarily after a weight loss or a pregnancy. In France today, only saline and silicone gel are allowed because they are known and used for over 40 years.


Liposuction allows to radically and permanently remove localized excess fat. These excess fat does not disappear, in general, despite a diet or exercise. In practice, liposuction can be very efficient for many areas of the body.

Cervico-facial lift

The face lift is the surgical correction of aging in the neck and face. It can be seen from 40 or 45 years. A face lift can be associated with eyelid surgery or aesthetic medicine

Upper and lower eyelids

Blepharoplasty or cosmetic eyelid surgery intended to remove disgraces whether hereditary or due to age. It may affect the upper or lower eyelids, or the four eyes at one time.

Vistabel injections – « Botox ©»

The principle of the botulinum toxin (“Botox ®”) consists of the use of muscle relaxation properties of the product. The most common purpose is to reduce the action of muscles located in the forehead and eyebrows, to treat both horizontal and vertical wrinkles.

Buttocks remodeling

It’s been ten years an increasing demand for improving the gluteal region, both on the part of women and men. Lipofilling or lipostructure of the buttocks is the lost natural tool to obtein a harmonious beautification.